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In this eBook, you can find

  • A quick overview of the Web3 gaming industry
  • Insights on why Web3 games acquired such massive success
  • Statistics on the future market cap and predictions on the upcoming trends
  • Core components of a Web3 game ecosystem and benefits it brings to stakeholders
  • Reasons why 90% of Web3 games fail in the long run
  • Batte-proven tactics to create a sustainable system

About this ebook

Suitable for industry newcomers, this compact Ebook will get you introduced to the booming Web3 game industry, the core values it holds, and how to best harness it to create a sustainable Web3 game project.

Learn why 90% of Web3 games fail to keep up the momentum, and what it takes for the remaining 10% to succeed. Our industry experts break down the winning factors into practical tactics, resources, and tools that can be easily applied to any Web3 game no matter which genre!

Already have an idea for the next game-changer? Unleash its full potential with this guide, and make your mark in the Web3 gaming world.

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