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We look forward to work with various players in the industry

IT Consulting Companies <br /> & Consultants
IT Consulting Companies
& Consultants
Software Development Companies
Software Development Companies
IT Integrators
IT Integrators
IT Staffing <br /> & Recruitment Agencies
IT Staffing
& Recruitment Agencies
Software & Hardware Vendors
Software & Hardware Vendors
Sales Agencies
Sales Agencies
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Why become an Ekotek partner

Up to 10% Commission
Up to 10% Commission
Your successes are our successes. Enjoy the opportunity to earn up to 10% commission on successful deals, boosting your revenue potential and solidifying a rewarding partnership.
Discounted pricing
Discounted pricing
Simplify the path to closing deals swiftly. Benefit from exclusive discounted pricing tailored to your clients, enabling you to provide exceptional value and expedite deal closures.
Seamless Support
Seamless Support
Navigate your partnership journey with confidence. Our dedicated partner success manager ensures you're equipped with the resources and guidance needed to excel at every turn.
Offerings expansion
Offerings expansion
Broaden your offerings and capabilities by leveraging our collective strengths. Our partnership opens doors to joint ventures that expand your portfolio and deliver more values to clients.
Resources & recognition
Resources & recognition
Access our partner's robust resources to enhance your capabilities. Earn prestigious badges and certificates as a testament to being a part of in our esteemed partner network.

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Why Recommend Ekotek

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Technical Expertise
We’ve been in IT for 20+ years, blockchain for 5+ years, delivering 200+ Web3 projects with multiple tech stacks.
Professional Consulting
Get the most suitable architecture, design and workflow with experienced business analysts and solution developers.
Speedy delivery
Our agile development method and ready-made solutions can cut your project’s required time and resources in half.
Customer Service
We ensure your utmost satisfaction with rigorous project management standards, topped with a service mindset.
Markets Served
End-to-end Projects
Active Client Accounts
Tech Specialists

Our Capabilities

Ekotek leverages a powerful and versatile technology stack
to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions. Our toolkit includes:

Navigating the Collaboration Journey

Contract and Confidentiality
We begin with signing a comprehensive contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to establish a strong foundation of trust and confidentiality.
Client Introduction
Ekotek introduces your customers to our dedicated team, ensuring clear communication and goal alignment from the start of our partnership.
Strategic Negotiations
Our experts engage in open and productive negotiations, refining the scope, timeline, and deliverables to match your unique needs and aspirations.
Compensation Arrangement
Ekotek works closely with you to determine a compensation structure that reflects the value we bring to your project, ensuring a fair and rewarding partnership.
Let's grow faster, together
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