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A Complete Closed Ecosystem Has Its Perks

A Complete Closed Ecosystem Has Its Perks

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Private blockchains requires fewer nodes to validate a transactions. This key difference makes private chain more scalable than its public counterpart and holds greater processing perfomance.
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Complete Privacy
Information inside a private blockchain is confidential and with restricted access only to authorized parties.
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Compared to its public counterpart, a private blockchain has much lesser nodes which lead to enhanced efficiency and better performance.
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Each node in a private blockchain is allocated to an user group, guaranteeing rock-solid network stability and performance.

What We Do

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Ekotek blockchain experts provide you with a flawless and secured smart contract development service aligned with your business needs.
dApp Development

dApp Development

Our team uses an agile approach to help enterprises to develop multifunctional and secured dApps, business solutions, investment and exchange platforms, etc. on the private blockchain network.
Wallet Development and Integration

Wallet Development and Integration

We develop custom-made, fast, and secured crypto wallets to enable a seamless crypto trading experience and the best control over your digital assets.
PoC Development

PoC Development

As an essential part of private blockchain development, we create PoC for blockchain projects to determine their feasibility and practical application.

Our Private Blockchain Development Process

  • Step 1
    Identify Business Goal Right Arrow
    Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business goals and requirements to evaluate if blockchain technology is required for your business.
  • Step 2
    Blockchain Ideation Right Arrow
    • Carry out evaluation, prioritization for experimenting with blockchain
    • Prepare a roadmap for the project
    • Design a conceptual workflow
    • Define to develop the project on permissioned or permissionless network.
  • Step 3
    Proof of Concept DevelopmentRight Arrow
    Showcase the feasibility of your idea with a proof of concept, which could either be a theoretical blueprint or a prototype.
  • Step 4
    Blockchain Network and Consensus Mechanism Determination Right Arrow
    • Define whether a public or a private blockchain would be a better suit for your business needs.
    • Select the right consensus mechanism to determine the flow of transactions.
  • Step 5
    Development and DeploymentRight Arrow
    • Once everything is defined, we go into developing your blockchain solution.
    • After the solution is developed and tested thoroughly, it will be deployed to make it available for end-users.
  • Step 6
    Upgrades and MaintenanceRight Arrow
    Collect all of your feedback and requirements for further upgrades and maintenances.

Blockchain Platforms & Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

01What is private blockchain?
A private blockchain is mostly used for developing internal networking of a company with a limited participants. Users need permission to have access to a private blockchain. It works based on permissions and controls, which restrict participation in the network.
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