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Building a seamless seminar system with a social touch

A seminar service from a Japanese company, with a native integration of the Line messaging app.

Migration of the entire seminar system onto Line




3 months

3 months time constraint for full integration

Services Used:
web3 development case study - LEver

About The Client

The client is a Japan-based business ecosystem with a 7-year mission to incubate 2,000 innovative solutions to solve various challenges that our world is facing today.

As one of the solutions, the product – a seminar system is a service that discovers, compiles, and notifies subscribers about upcoming seminars of their interests. Used to communicate via two traditional channels: website and e-mail, the team decided to expand to Line – the most popular messaging app in Japan with over 84 million users.

The Challenges

Recommended by a mutual partner, the client contacted Ekotek to envision their goal: migrating the entire seminar system onto Line. Admins should be able to create, schedule and publish seminars with full details, while users can receive notifications and reminders, sign up for their preferred seminars and watch them live. 

Aside from the main features, the team also expressed their intention of enhancing the in-app experience and gaining insights on seminar performance as well as user usage. Time is also a matter we need to take into consideration, as the integration is expected to launch within 3 months.

L-Ever seminar management system
L-Ever seminar management system

The Solutions

This challenge was tackled by our full-cycle web development team from proposal, and design to production. Communication was kept close to the client with weekly reports and bi-monthly demos.  

For admins to freely set up seminars and seamlessly manage users, we incorporated the following features:

  • Admin and user management with details, permissions, status and action
  • Seminar settings with detailed information, registration duration and custom messages
  • Customizable homepage with header, footer and rich menu
  • Chat function for mass audience and individuals

The system was built with open API to connect with third-party applications such as chatbots and landing pages. We also employed conversion tracking for when users register and complete seminars, plus a tagging system for admins to easily flag and manage user segments.

The Results

Within the expected timeline of 3 months, the seminar system was completely developed and integrated into the Line app, making seminar access and communication much more optimized. Every time a user logs into Line, they can check for upcoming events in an instant, then sign up and join in with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, admins have the freedom to customize the interface however they want, the ability to reach out to the whole audience, and the insights that truly matter in the long run.


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Technology Stack

  • ReactJS
  • Java Spring Boots
  • MySQL
  • AWS