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Tokenizing Real Gold Backed By Blockchain Technology

A cryptocurrency development backed by real gold to mass liquidate the production of this natural resource.

Seamless & error-free liquidation of real gold to digital assets




3 months

Live after 3 months of development

Services Used:
White label tokenization Case Study - Real Gold

The Challenges

Our client ran several gold mines in Myanmar and wanted to adopt a crypto-application to liquidate their gold production. In essence, they required us to convert real gold to digital assets – Myanma Gold Coin (MGC), on the blockchain.

myanmar gold coin
myanmar gold coin token profile

The Solutions

Ekotek tackled the project with our team of experts in business, development, and software testing & quality assurance. The team chose Ethereum, ERC20, NodeJS, and PHP as the primary tech used for this cryptocurrency project.

We also developed the maintenance and management of gold-converted-MGC by blockchain technology.

Information regarding the mining process would be loaded and recorded on the blockchain, lending the coin credibility with uninterrupted data.

A hardware wallet was also part of the development project to help users store, retrieve, and trade their MGCs.

The Results

The unique Myanmar Gold Coin successfully went live after 3 months of development.

Subsequently, the cryptocurrency blurs the line of physical and digital assets for a new & improved liquidity approach for their gold production.


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Technology Stack

  • Ethereum
  • NodeJS
  • VueJS
  • PHP