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Innovate news consumption with short videos

A video-based news platform to save time reading with an exciting experience

Aggregrate contents from various articles




4 months

Edit short videos with BGM

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About The Project

The client is a prominent entertainment and media company in Japan, offering a range of services and solutions, including press releases, influencer marketing, research marketing, and translation services. With a focus on fostering community connections, they embarked on developing a web app, an SNS platform where users can enjoy news in the form of short videos.

The Challenges

With the proliferation of digital content, audiences faced the issue of content monotony when relying solely on text and images to consume news. As a result, the client recognized the need for a video-based news platform that aggregates content from various articles, saving users’ time and providing a seamless experience. Leveraging Ekotek’s expertise in Video SNS development, they chose us as their development partner for the desired app.


The Solutions

Ekotek developed a web application, focusing on a minimalist UI/UX design that allows users to easily create and edit videos with just a few clicks. We used data crawling to aggregate content from the provided article links to generate a concise news video. By integrating a music library from Audiostock, users can use captivating background music for their short news videos, ensuring an engaging news-watching experience.

Technology Stack

  • NextJS
  • NestJS
  • MySQL
  • AWS

The Results

Users can simply copy and paste the link of an article to create and edit their short videos. This platform encompasses two main features:

  • User page: They can create videos without the need for logging in, explore videos uploaded publicly by other users, and easily share videos on various social media platforms.
  • Admin page: This feature enables efficient management of users and video information, ensuring adherence to quality and content standards and preventing any violations.

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