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4 months

A user-friendly platform to explore & analyze transactions

Services Used:

CVCscan for Crosstech

About The Project

The client had a project building the world’s largest autonomous decentralized blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem. They approached Ekotek intending to develop a comprehensive blockchain explorer

The Challenges

There are many blockchain explorers and each one serves a different blockchain. For the blockchain explorer of the client, they need to build a seamless one which makes it easier for users to access information on the blockchain and inspect transaction and block details.

Since Ekotek has experience developing private chains and working with numerous blockchain explorers, they partnered with us for an efficient blockchain explorer

CVCscan for Crosstech
CVCscan for Crosstech

The Solutions

Ekotek offered a comprehensive range of solutions to address the challenges faced in developing the client’s request. We provided UI/UX design services, ensuring a user-friendly interface for smooth exploration of blockchain data. Ekotek also handled both front-end and back-end development.

The project operated in an Agile development, with Ekotek actively supporting the client in defining requirements, developing the product, and overseeing the testing and deployment stages. By employing a collaborative and iterative approach, Ekotek ensured that the client’s needs were met throughout the development process, resulting in the successful delivery of the blockchain explorer.

The Results

The collaboration between Ekotek and the client resulted in the successful development and launch of their blockchain explorer. The product features include:

  • Deep Search: It allows users to find information on blocks, transactions, tags, and more. This, in turn, will empower users to quickly access specific data through the search box, enhancing the exploration capabilities of the blockchain explorer.
  • Contract interaction: There are advanced features for users to read and write contracts directly from the user interface (UI), facilitating contract-related operations within the blockchain explorer.
  • Contract verification: By employing Hardhat, Sourcify, and other tools, the development of the blockchain explorer enables quick verification of contracts, allowing users to validate the authenticity and integrity of contracts.
  • API Integration: The use of robust API offers standard and customized endpoints for users to make API calls. Therefore, users can access blockchain data and make requests to the API.

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Technology Stack

  • Elixir
  • TypeScript
  • Solidity