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Breaking Investment Barriers With An Accessible Crypto Launchpad

A crypto launchpad and how Ekotek delivers a solution that benefits investors, project owners, and its host.

A full-fledged launchpad without investment barriers




1 month

Deployed within one month of development

Services Used:
Crypto Launchpad case study - Vulture Peak

About The Clients

The client is an investment firm focused on funding innovations in the decentralization movement in the crypto space. After raising $46.49M for crypto projects with various applications, they noticed a problem as the investment field was not accommodating the ever-growing sector of low-capital investors.

Hence, they incubated this project – a crypto launchpad, to empower everyone to be an early backer. This crypto launchpad is a community-driven launchpad and investment fund focusing on blockchain games, metaverse, DeFi, NFTs.

The Challenges

The project advisor approached Ekotek as he was impressed by our portfolio in blockchain and crypto development. He laid down the overall process of the launchpad with a strong focus on removing investment barriers.

  • Firstly, the launchpad must operate on the consensus of first-come-first-serve (FCFS) guaranteed allocations for all investors.
  • Secondly, all configurations and technical requirements must be simplified for both project owners and investors.
  • Last but not least, the client’s crypto launchpad was expected to be deployed within 1 month only.

We then came up with a proposal for launchpad development with our white-label solution that made us the client’s strategic partner.

vulture peak launchpad step by step
vulture peak launchpad solution

The Solutions

Based on the client’s requirements, our Delivery team developed and added modifications to the solution. These customizations gave the project an edge compared to other launchpads of the same niche: simplifying white-list conditions, no staking requirements, and no tier system.

The launchpad was also equipped with IDO, staking, farming, and vesting options for investors to register, stake/unstake, and quickly claim tokens. Admins also had complete control over each funding process to create, view, edit, and delete transactions.

Last but not least, we quickly helped apply this crypto launchpad branding to our white-label solution’s UI/UX so that it completely looked like their unique solution.

The Results

We successfully deployed the launchpad within a month of development and powered the first fundraising round on this launchpad, worth over $1,775,000.

The client was so impressed by the delivery that the project leader, used these praising words to describe Ekotek’s efforts for a time-sensitive and quality-extensive project on Clutch:
“…Their work ethic was highly appreciated throughout, delivering the project on time without compromising quality….”


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Technology Stack

  • NestJS
  • NextJS
  • MongoDB
  • Solidity
We appreciated their work ethic, delivering quality output on time, and their overall project management throughout.
Mr. Sherab
Kuenzang Sherab

Project Lead