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Bringing AI to Beauty Industry — a Skin Evaluation Mobile App

A hybrid AI application for the beauty industry specialized in skin evaluation and recommendation.

AI-powered facial analysis with live & static inputs




2 months

10,000+ downloads upon release with 5 months of development

Services Used:
mobile app case study - Viewty

The Challenges

The client asked for an AI development project with a face reading application, selection and user-friendly interface. The platform tracked the facial details of users, processing, then returned results and recommended skincare products to users.

viewty app interface
viewty product recommendations

The Solutions

Artificial Intelligence specialists with 10 years of expertise were called in for the project. Ekotek combined AI with mobile app development technologies to build the beauty AI app for both web and mobile versions.

The project included the AI application in facial recognition and analysis with live (direct phone’s camera) and static (picture) inputs. The results then got transformed into voiceover for the beauty-counter experience.

Users would also receive a detailed report with a visualized graph and point-rating system showing their current skin condition. They then can search and get product recommendations from their skin data on the app.

The Results

With 10,000 downloads upon release, the beauty app is gaining traction as a dedicated solution for self-checking and improving skin problems. The skin evaluation app becomes available for App Store and Google Play after 5 months of development.

Moreover, the app’s recommendation capabilities benefit both users and cosmetic partners of our client, lending the app a reliable commercialization opportunity.


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Technology Stack

  • AI
  • TensorFlow
  • Python