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How Age of Gods Built A Future-Proof Token Vesting Portal

These white-label token vesting portals Age of Gods give a project the ability to oversee its locked-up tokens themselves.

Precise and timely token vesting distribution


Age of Gods




2 months

Transactional throughput of 3 to 5 seconds

Services Used:
Age of Gods Vesting Portal Case Study

About The Clients

The background of Age of Gods is an adventure-filled interactive game where players can earn NFTs and AOG tokens when they play. The best-in-class game was built by team members who have worked in reputable places like 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Amazon.

Here is a thorough walk-through of how we built their token vesting portal.

The Challenges

Nick approached us that he needed Ekotek to “build a battle-proven vesting solution” that would help their Initial DEX Offering. He emphasized that they wanted to provide their investors with the peace of mind that tokens are being distributed fairly and on time.

During the consultation, he also highlighted his fear that the success and efficiency of the vesting portal were dear to them because it might hurt their overall credibility if there were any issues.

Age of Gods Vesting Portal Case Study
Age of gods vesting round

The Solutions

First, Ekotek built the Age of Gods’ vesting portal in a way that it would fit into their website. That is, we customize the background, font type, font size, color choice, and paper-like button outlooks to be consistent with their branding.

Secondly, we uploaded the database of the vested members into the smart contract. We put a security check here such that anyone who was not vested cannot connect his or her wallet.

On a similar note, we made private high-level security moves to checkmate possible manipulations. When we were done, we tested our codes on the testnets to look for any loopholes.

We also considered the ease of use during the deployment. The investors only need to take three steps to claim their vested tokens when it is time:

  • Connect their wallets
  • Select the accurate vesting schedule
  • Claim their tokens

The Results

When we deployed the vesting portal within a week. It helped Age of Gods to manage 48 million tokens and 10,000 wallets with a transaction throughput of 3 to 5 seconds.

Nick was so impressed with the delivery that he already recommended the Ekotek vesting tool for other clients.

Appreciating Ekotek’s relentless efforts to meet the constant adjustment requirements, even last-minute ones, Nick said:
The Ekotek team responds very rapidly and most importantly does not complain. It goes a long way to have a team on your side that works with you and helps with challenges that come up…”.


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Technology Stack

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Solidity
We needed battle-proven technology that is reliable and could be delivered rapidly. The team is a pleasure to work with, and they respond rapidly.
Mr. Nick van der Kolk
Nick van der Kolk

CEO of Age of Gods